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paid_to_click's Journal

Paid To Click
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A community for people interested in PTC (paid to click) sites. See new sites and get referrals

~~~Hello and Welcome!~~~

About The Community

This community is for people who are active in PTC (paid to click) sites/programs. Anyone is free to join!

Tell your friends! We need lots of members for this to work!

What is The Community For?
This community is for people to reccomemend PTC sites To people looking for new ones to sigh up on. In doing so, The people who reccomemend will get referrals for their site/program. All referrals are free, you don't have to sign up to anyone else's to make recomemendations. it is in hope, however, that people will sign up to many new programs that are recomemended. Thus, this community is to help other people make money.

The Rules (All Members)

->Please comment if you are signing up to a site that is recomemended.
->No asking for help! this is a recomemendation community only!
->Be NICE!
->Have fun!

The Rules (Posting)

->All posts must be approved by me.
->Any given member will only have ONE post per day.
->You may only recomemend ONE site per day!
->You may not post the same site more than TWICE per week!
->If more than one person recomemends the same site, only ONE will be posted that day. (Post wiil be picked by random to make it fair.)
->Make sure you used your own personal link to the site, you will not get a referral otherwise!
->Describe the site throughly, espiecialy if you've had really good experiences with it.
->Remember! You're trying to make yourself money! Be professional!

->You can post a site even if you have not recieved a payment, as long as you know the site is NOT A SCAM!

-->Anyone who breaks the rules repetively will be banned!